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Experienced criminal defense attorney Lenny Franco at The Franco Law Firm, P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia provides effective legal representation to clients having a pressing legal issue resulting from an arrest or a civil dispute.

For more than 40 years, Lenny has assisted clients in Atlanta, throughout Georgia, and across the country with a variety of complex and urgent legal matters.

Lenny has built a strong reputation in the legal community, often acting as a lawyer’s lawyer when professional colleagues have needed a reliable advocate.


Our mission is to leave our Clients better off than when they hired us. 

About Lenny Franco - Criminal Attorney in Atlanta, GA

LENNY FRANCO is a second-generation attorney practicing law for over 40 years across Atlanta, GA.

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    Since very young, Lenny wanted to become an attorney and continue the law firm and his father’s good work.


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“I wouldn’t be the man, or the lawyer, I am today without Lenny Franco. He is a stalwart of the legal profession. He represents his client’s with a rare sense of duty, and honor, and heart. He was my mentor. He is my friend. He’s my Pop.”

“I have worked closely with Lenny Franco for a decade. Practicing law is easy when having someone like Lenny Franco readily accessible for advice. His enthusiasm and knowledge in law, but mainly, life, has inspired me to love what I do as a lawyer and human being. One of the finest lawyers who I have had the pleasure to work with.”

“Passion. Passion for life. Passion for the law. Passion for always doing right by his clients. I cannot begin to say all that Mr. Franco passed on to me as his law clerk, but topping that list is certainly passion. I am truly grateful for all that Mr. Franco taught me and instilled in me – a deep understanding of the law, work ethic, and professionalism – but, above all, the passion that I too exhibit as I now practice law.”