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When you’re wrongfully convicted, it can be a long road to justice. Nonetheless, The Franco Law Firm is here to help you get your life back on track. Our appeals service is designed to help you fight your wrongful sentence and get the compensation you deserve. Even though the process of appealing can be difficult and time-consuming, our attorneys will work hard to ensure your rights are protected throughout the case. We aim to fight for you so you can move on from this experience and start enjoying a new life!

If you’re in the greater Atlanta, GA, area, get in touch with our dependable appeals attorney to get a fresh perspective on your case and determine the best approach. Our criminal appeal lawyers will review your case thoroughly and perform extensive legal research to discredit the original ruling.

Get Your Case Reviewed by an Appeals Court by Working with a Qualified Appeals Lawyer

Our process starts with a thorough review of the court records associated with your case. We’ll then perform comprehensive research on the law to determine the best approach for your appeal. With over 40 years of criminal defense and appellate law experience, you can count on us to provide dependable guidance throughout the process. Our attorneys create effectively-written legal briefs and give focused oral arguments. We’ll fight to overturn your original ruling so that you don’t have to suffer unjust consequences.

Our firm is well-versed in federal sentencing laws and practices. We have helped countless clients avoid lengthy prison sentences by successfully appealing their cases in front of both state and federal courts of appeals. If you need an appeals lawyer to help you customize your legal strategy based on your individual needs, contact us today! We know the ins and outs of the Georgia court of appeals.

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Get in Touch With Lawyers With Experience in Criminal Appeals

The appeals process can be complex, and you need the guidance and representation you deserve. That’s where The Franco Law Firm comes in. We are a team of experienced post-conviction lawyers who have represented clients in many federal appeals cases, and we’re here to help you navigate the post-conviction process so that you can get the outcome you want.

Let us help you get started by contacting us today! Call (404) 875-1300 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment with an expert in appellate law.

Our Testimonials

  • Joseph Hurst Avatar
    Joseph Hurst
    3/03/2019 - Google

    Lenny and Michael are great guys with decades of knowledge and experience. They are the epitome of what a lawyer... read more

    Lisa Avatar
    10/17/2012 - Avvo

    Thank you Mr. Franco! Mr. Franco really helped me through a difficult time. He was able to get me more money from the insurance... read more

    anonymous Avatar
    10/03/2011 - Avvo


  • Matt Hirsch Avatar
    Matt Hirsch

    I wouldn’t be the man, or the lawyer, I am today without Lenny Franco. He is a stalwart of the... read more

    Lubin An Avatar
    Lubin An

    I have worked closely with Lenny Franco for a decade. Practicing law is easy when having someone like Lenny Franco... read more

    Gregory Gelpi Avatar
    Gregory Gelpi

    Passion. Passion for life. Passion for the law. Passion for always doing right by his clients. I cannot begin to... read more

  • Nicholas Panayotopoulos Avatar
    Nicholas Panayotopoulos

    Lenny works tirelessly on behalf of his clients. I learned a great deal from him.

    Steven Altmann Avatar
    Steven Altmann

    Lenny Franco gave me my first legal job as a law clerk during the summer after my first year in... read more

    Jason McLendon Avatar
    Jason McLendon

    Lenny Franco is one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever had the pleasure meeting. Lenny carries... read more

  • Jerry Culver Avatar
    Jerry Culver

    Owner, Forensic Financial Investigations, Inc. (Mr. Culver has worked with Lenny on several cases.) Lenny Franco is the lawyer that all lawyers should strive to be. He is honest, ethical, truthful and forthright. I... read more

    Rachel Effron, Immigration Attorney Avatar
    Rachel Effron, Immigration Attorney

    Lenny and I collaborated on a case that had criminal and immigration overlap. Lenny was very creative and did an... read more

    Jodi Mount, Attorney Avatar
    Jodi Mount, Attorney

    Lenny is a conscientious and zealous advocate for his clients. Lenny responds in a timely matter to opposing counsel

  • David Mackusick, Attorney Avatar
    David Mackusick, Attorney

    Lenny is a great attorney who cares about his clients. I have had the pleasure of working on cases with... read more

    Taylor Harper, Attorney Avatar
    Taylor Harper, Attorney

    As a newly minted attorney, I am quickly learning the character traits a defense attorney must posses to successfully represent... read more

    Christian Zimm Avatar
    Christian Zimm
    2/14/2022 - Google

    Lenny and Jordan did a great job with my case! They were very responsive and always available to discuss. If... read more

  • Anthony Sberna Avatar
    Anthony Sberna
    2/14/2022 - Google

    I have worked as an attorney on cases with Lenny Franco on and off for three years. During that time... read more

    Terry F Stolow Avatar
    Terry F Stolow
    2/14/2022 - Google

    Lenny Franco is a caring and extremely effective attorney. He works tirelessly to make sure that each and every one... read more

    angela adams Avatar
    angela adams
    2/14/2022 - Google

    Lenny Franco runs a top notch law firm based on integrity and honesty! If you need someone you can... read more

  • Maddie LoScalzo Avatar
    Maddie LoScalzo
    2/14/2022 - Google

    I have had the pleasure of working in the office next to Mr. Franco for the past two years. Mr.... read more

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